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Policies and Regulations


B & T Event Planning, LLC   Karen Baumgartner  970-590-7111 or Debbie Trupp  970-396-9336 to schedule all events. Fairboard members may not override any scheduled events. Non-profit discount is 20%-must show status paperwork to receive discount.

Deposit is due at reservation of facility. Total fee payment is expected 10 day business days prior to event. Returned checks will be assessed $25 fee. Cashier's check or money order is preferred.

Cancellations must be made directly to AJAK Events with a verbal and written notification. Cancellations less than 60 days prior to the event will incur a fee equaling 50% of the deposit.

Tenant will contract directly with vendor of their choice for available services, menus and pricing.

Private parties may supply their own liquor as long as proper insurance is in place for the event. Security must be provided when liquor will be served.

All events in excess of 100 people are required to provide licensed security service. AJAK Events has an approved list of available licensed security services.

Clean Up:
Unless otherwise contracted the tenant is responsible for facility clean up after the event. AJAK Events will review expectations with the tenant upon pre-event inspection. A post-event inspection will confirm tenant has met clean up expectations.

Additional Services Available:
By request, additional services may be available for a fee.
B & T Event Planning, LLC   Karen Baumgartner  970-590-7111 or Debbie Trupp  970-396-9336

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